Young Machine Company, Inc. Providing high quality parts to our customers since 1975.
 Young Machine Company, Inc.    Providing high quality parts to our customers since 1975.

About Us:

Our founder, Larry Young, knew from an early age that he wanted to make things and do it on his terms.  By the time he was a student at New Albany High School, he had a small lathe and mill in the garage and a single customer.  After attending classes at the then new IUS/Purdue extension in Jeffersonville and then 2 semesters at IUPUI he graduated with a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology.  Upon graduation he continued to work for a slowly growing customer base with a growing number of machine tools.  The garage was abandoned for the larger garage/storage barn in the back yard and in March of 1975, Young Machine Company, Inc. was born.  It wasn't long before YMC moved to the newly developing Industrial Park off of Mt. Tabor Rd.  That was over 30 years ago and we are proud to still be one of the original businesses in the park and excited to see growth around us.  


We pride ourselves on being flexible and innovative enough to serve a broad range of industrial customers working in a vast range of industries.  Some of our industry specific specialities have been and are working with:


           -  The food production industry including bottling, potato and tortilla chip production, baking, meat packing

           -  The steel coil industry - Uncoilers/Recoilers, sharpening slitter knives, grinding slitter spacer rubber rings

           -  Waterjet machine tool manufacturing including machining custom ends of ballscrews

           -  Laboratory equipment manufacturing including internal mechanism parts and equipment housing and                        structural parts.

           -  Freight Rail service industry - wheel shop parts like de-mount shoes, re-mount shoes 

           -  Piping Flanges and Fittings for multiple applications and industries.


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